Why Hemingway is Cool As Ice

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  • Ernest Hemingway has gone down in history as one of the most iconic authors in history. His short stories and novels have been read by millions of people around the world. His writing style is emulated by many that desire to share much without having to be too wordy.

    Hemingway was a very interesting man. He lived a very courageous full life that many of us could only dream of. In fact, it could be said that he truly lived his life the way that he wanted to even towards the end.

    Here are several reasons why Hemingway is cool as ice.

    Death Defying Character

    Hemingway must have been a cat in another life because this man truly has nine lives. Whether he placed himself in some precarious position in an attempt to live life on his own terms, or he just simply encountered dangerous events, Hemingway was often very lucky to be alive.

    Apparently, Hemingway was in two plane crashes over the course of two days while on safari with his wife in Africa. The first plane crash occurred when the pilot attempted an emergency landing to avoid hitting birds. The second plane crash occurred the next day after the first plane crash when the small plane they boarded crashed and caught fire.

    Hemingway was hurt pretty bad in the second plane crash with burns over his body and injuries to his internal organs. However, that didn’t stop him from enjoying the rest of his safari trip…even if he was in some pain.

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